UAE festivals and events to look forward to in 2022

Diaries at the ready, there’s masses going on

As if to prove once and for all that the emirates is the place to be, the calendar of UAE festivals and events lined up over the next 12 months is more impressive than ever.

From insightful cultural events to enthralling art exhibitions, fabulous shows and fun for all the family, seeing and doing it all requires serious planning.

Worry not, and quell that rising sense of FOMO, here’s our handy guide to the UAE’s top festivals and events for 2022.

UAE Awafi Festival

The Awafi festival is an annual celebration of the culture and history of the union, mostly in the form of outdoor sports, making it one of the few traditional festivals of United Arab Emirates. Held in summer every year, this festival is mostly famous for its various competitions to scale the tallest sand dunes in various kinds of improvised vehicles.

There are also many cultural events during the festival, including a Heritage Village show, a main bazaar as well as coffee shops and art exhibitions. This is one of the best festivals of United Arab Emirates and is a must visit if you are around at that time.

UAE Awafi Festival Dates 2022: 11 January and run until 27 January
Location: Ras al-Khaimah desert

Dubai Shopping Festival

A haven for shopaholics – this event stretches over a month and is one of the best seasonal festivals of United Arab Emirates, which is exactly what you need to revamp your wardrobes every year. This is the time every shopping outlet in Dubai will reduce the prices, which means the streets of the city are overflooded with shoppers from across the world. Add to that the magic and energy of concerts, fireworks as well as other forms of entertainment, and this becomes one of the best events and festivals in Dubai in United Arab Emirates.

Location: Dubai, UAE
Dubai Shopping Festival 2022 Dates: 15 December 2021 – 29 January 2022

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