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A pioneer of the 19th century and still unique today, Shiseido is the fruit of an alliance between Eastern traditions and philosophies and Western science and technology. Even if Shiseido constantly evolves with the rest of the world, its three main values remain the same since 1872 and are really present in the Shiseido treatments:

Rich – Human science – Omotenashi

These core values are present in the Shiseido philosophy and treatments. The attention paid to the Clients, the treatments, the decoration and design, the devotion of the Beauty Therapists, everything is here for one thing: the absolute satisfaction of the Client.

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Everything is done to make them find their path to complete well-being and serenity. The symbols of the 5 senses play an important role within the Shiseido Qi treatments… Each treatment begins with a ‘Spa Senses Menu’ where you will choose your very own Aroma and Refreshment. Aroma Breathing follows, allowing the Client to fall into a deep rhythmical state of relaxation. The Qi treatment concludes with a gradual return to an alert state of mind combining a set of stretching and stimulating movements.

Rich means the continual research for beauty and aesthetics.

Human science is focused on the humanity behind the creation of a product or the ritual of a treatment. Omotenashi is about the devotion to Clients.
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Facial Collection for Ladies
Perfect Purifying Facial

Feel Hydration – Look Matte**
This 1 hour or 1 hour 15 minutes treatment gives your skin power over shine, imperfections and dehydration. A deep cleansing facial treatment that works to regulate, balance and rehydrate your face. Skin is polished to perfection; gentle steam is applied to clean the pores, combined with a deep cleansing mask. This facial will help limit oil production, and keep the skin shine-free.
Hydro-Nourishing Facial

Moisture – Consistent Skin**
In this 1 hour or 1 hour 15 minute treatment allows your skin to create its own moisture. This intensive hydrating and soothing facial treatment is for a dry and sensitive skin. The Skincare line feeds the skin with thirst quenching ingredients to give a cushioned plumpness back to the skin. A specialised Japanese mask technique will enrich the skin with comfort and moisture.
Ultimate Radiance Facial

Luminosity and Brightness**
This 1 hour or 1 hour 15 minute treatment is for brighter, clearer and radiantly glowing skin. If you have pigmentation concerns or dull, cloudy, lackluster skin, Ultimate Radiance Facial is your answer. This facial will help to counteract pigmentation, and give that ultimate glow to your skin.
Super Refining Facial

The Ultimate Skin Renewal
This 1 hour 15 minute treatment smooth, even and retexture your skin, combining the vitality of nature and the power of science. This treatment has an advanced resurfacing technique to effectively balance the thickening layer of the epidermis and bring fresh, radiantly healthy skin cells to the surface.
Wrinkle Lifting Facial

Sculpt, Lift and Refine
This 1 hour 15 minute treatment gives your skin supple resilience, firmness and richness. Utilising an anti-ageing skin care line – renowned for its luxuriously rich textures – this treatment prevents the formation of lines. This facial will help to restore your youthful energy, including a specialised skin lifting technique. The results will leave you with a better toned, lifted and nourished skin.
Pure Beauty Boost

Matte, Purify, Perfection
This 30 minute facial will help limit oil production, and keep the skin shine-free. Please note: this facial does not include massage.

Hours Of Operation

The Spa is open daily from
10.00am – 10.00pm
(The last booking will be at 9.00pm)

Group Packages

Specialised treatment programs can be organised and pre-booked ahead for any group. Contact us directly for your group package consultation via email
or call +971 4 426 2000.

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