Bur Dubai’s Top Restaurants

Bur Dubai’s Top Restaurants

Antique Bazaar – (Indian Subcontinent)
This Indian restaurant in Dubai offers excellent food with unusual decoration. Every table in the restaurant is different. The atmospheric Indian music gives it an authentic feel accompanied by the very tasty meat dishes. Open for dinner from 12.30-3.30pm and 19:30 until 3 am. Prices are reasonable.

Tel: 04 397 74444

Awtar – (Middle Eastern)

This is set in a very traditional and warm atmosphere. The delicious Lebanese food is complimented with lively entertainment, enjoyed by many local Emiratis. The restaurant offers an extensive menu of kebabs, raw-meat dishes and meze. The portions are very generous and prices are reasonable.

Tel: 04 317 1234

Medzo – (European)

This is a very popular Mediterranean restaurant in Dubai. It is a relaxed venue with comfortable leather chairs, great food and pleasant interior. The lobster soup with Porcini mushrooms is highly recommended.

Tel: 04 324 0000

Thai Chi – (Far Eastern)

There are not many restaurants that can offer two excellent cuisines. Though, this restaurant has two kitchens; one for Thai and one for Chinese making it unique and undoubtedly successful. There are a range of rooms to sit in and enjoy the lively atmosphere, or even reserve a room to eat privately.

Tel: 04 324 0000

Deira’s Top Restaurants

Ashiana – (Indian Subcontinent)

This restaurant is really one of the most famous and most highly respected Indian restaurants in Dubai. The service is excellent with a warm and friendly environment. The evening sees the appearance of the equally famous Ashiana resident band, which enhances the aromatic and spicy dishes with the enchanting sound of classic Indian music.


Tel : 04 228 1707

Kiku – (Far Eastern)

This one of the best Japanese restaurants in Dubai and this is proven by the amount of Japanese people that dine here. The food is authentic and elegantly presented. The service is excellent and is definitely a place to take out the family with its reasonably priced food.

Tel: 04 217 0000

Shebestan – (Middle Eastern)

This is Dubai’s top Persian restaurant with its romantic candle-lit view over the Creek. Traditional assortments are presented on the table when you arrive, building up your appetite for the delicious main course. The spacious restaurant also hosts a Persian house band to set the mood.

Tel: 04 222 7171

Verre – (European)

This is Gordon Ramsey’s Creek side restaurant; just the mention of his name justifies its superb reputation in Dubai. The outstanding choices on the menu can cause great confusion for those serious eaters but why not try one of the classic French dishes, which definitely will not disappoint. The restaurant offers an impressive variety of wines and the desserts are of great precision.

Tel: 04 227 1111

Recommended Restaurants in Jumeirah

Al Mahara (Seafood)

This restaurant does not only offer the most exquisite seafood dishes but also fascinating surroundings. A spectacular aquarium awaits your arrival, filled with fish, sharks, turtles and other sea creatures. If you are lucky you may even spot a diver feeding the fish. The menus range from classic, modern, Arabic adventure and Seafood experience, offering various types of specialties. This restaurant is one of the most expensive in Dubai but its unique atmosphere is worth at least a visit.

Al-Qasr – (Middle Eastern)

This is one of Dubai’s busiest restaurants, primarily serving Lebanese dishes and other Middle Eastern cuisines. The restaurant overlooks the splendid gardens, the beach and swimming pools, and is accompanied by a Belly Dancer and traditional Arabian Music. The food is delicious and the restaurant entertainment offers an eventful night out.

Tel: 04 336 1111

Bella Donna – (European)

This restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine, offering thin-crust pizzas and home-made pastas at very reasonable prices. You can either sit out on the terrace and glance over at the sea, or if you prefer indoors that can also be arranged.

Tel: 04 344 7710

Pai Thai (Far Eastern)

This restaurant has a very romantic location and a first-rate Thai cuisine. Pai Thai is particularly expensive, but along with the top service and high standard of food you will consider it as being good value for money. Recommended dish: Deep fried hammour with sweet and sour chilli sauce.

Tel: 04 366 8888


Recommended Restaurants at the Dubai Marina

BICE (European)

This is known as the best Italian restaurant in Dubai. The quality of ingredients are superb, the recipes are traditional yet presented in a modern style. Recommended dishes: Beef carpaccio and wild-mushroom risotto.

Tel: 04 399 1111

Grand Grill (Steakhouse)

This South African restaurant makes a top quality steak-house. The inside décor is laid-back with an open kitchen next to the entrance. Recommended steak: 500g Aussie Rump steak. The restaurant is open from 1pm till 4pm and 7pm till midnight.

Tel: 04 399 5000

Indego (Indian Subcontinent)

This is a fabulous spacious Indian restaurant, with the famous Vineet Bhatia being the consulting chef. This is an Indian restaurant with a difference; whilst it is renowned for its traditional recipes the presentation and ingredients are more European. It is open from Sunday until Friday, 7.30pm till midnight.

Tel: 04 399 8888

Tagine (Middle Eastern)

This restaurant specializes in Moroccan cuisine and has a very elegant setting. The authentic Meze starters include salads and vegetables and the recommended mains include the lamb tagine with ginger, parsley and other flavours. This restaurant is perfect for a romantic evening out.

Tel: 04 399 9999

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