Bollywood actress ties the knot with Dubai hotelier

By Reuters

Bollywood star Celina Jaitley is also a tourism ambassador for Egypt (Getty Images)
Add one more name to the list of hush-hush Bollywood marriages.

Celina Jaitley tied the knot with her fiance, Dubai-based hotelier Peter Haag last month (July) and has only just revealed that she’s no longer single.

Celina posted on her Twitter page, “Beloved tweeple. ..With great pleasure I would like to announce my wedding with Peter Haag on the 23rd of last month at a thousand year old monastery in Austria. We seek your blessings and good wishes, and apologise for the delayed announcement due to a family tragedy. Here is a picture of the most cherished moment of our lives.

Celina added, “The following picture features myself and my beloved husband, flanked by my dearest father in law to my left, and my brother in law to Peter’s right.”

 “Thank you for all your lovely wishes! Peter and I got married last month, and he selected the venue. It’s one of the oldest monasteries in the world set in the beautiful mountains of Austria. The court judge came specifically for this grand ceremony and special occasion all the way down to this famous monastery to do the honours. It was an intimate affair attended by very close family members only,” Celina told Masala!

“The beautiful mountain scenery, the ancient monastery architecture and the charming guests made our most special moment divine and absolutely memorable. Since my parents couldn’t make it due to last minute visa challenges, Peter’s father gave me away during the ceremony.”

Peter and Celina announced their engagement early this year, and she had said then that they planned to get married in Egypt (Celina is a Tourism ambassador for Egypt) until there was a change of plans in favour of Peter’s home country.

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