Dubai Metro Fines

Operating or using any security or safety system such as the emergency exits unless it is essential to do so – Dhs 2000
Destroying, sabotaging or tampering with the systems, tools or seats of public transport modes – Dhs 500
Using of fake Nol Cards – Dhs 500
Sleeping in passenger shelters or prohibited areas – Dhs 300
Parking vehicles in the metro Park and Ride facilities for more than 48 hours – Dhs 250
The use of public transport modes and services, or entering/exiting the fare zones without paying the prescribed fare – Dhs 200
Failure to comply with the instructions or disrupting the business of RTA inspectors or persons authorized by the RTA – Dhs 200
Failing to present the unified card on demand, using a third party card, using an expired /invalid card, and selling a unified card without prior permit from the RTA – Dhs 200
Spitting, littering or performing any act that can pollute the public transport means – Dhs 200
Smoking on board public transport means or within public transport premises or services – Dhs 200
Carrying dangerous materials on board public transport means, facilities and services such as weapons, sharp objects, and inflammable materials – Dhs 200
Carrying of alcoholic drinks – Dhs 200
Selling goods & commodities on board public transport means – Dhs 200
Impacting the public transport driver by any action or behaviour capable of detracting the attention of the driver or blocking the driver’s visibility during driving (for the RTA buses) – Dhs 200

Causing inconvenience to the users of public transport means, facilities & services or impacting their comfort by any means – Dhs 100

Using the lifts or escalators in an inappropriate manner – Dhs 100

Climbing or jumping over public transport facilities or services – Dhs 100

Using public transport means, facilities and services contrary to the instructions stipulated by the RTA and displayed on the directional signs – Dhs 100

Undermining the convenience of public transport users in any form – Dhs 100

Entering or sitting in places designated for special categories – Dhs 100

Eating & drinking at prohibited places – Dhs 100

Opening the door or exiting a public transport means while it is moving between stations and stops – Dhs 100

Accompanying pets inside public transport means, facilities and services except for guidance dogs used b visually-impaired travelers – Dhs 100

Carrying or using materials/ equipment that may cause inconvenience to other passengers or undermine their safety – Dhs 100

Standing / sitting on any part of public transport means, facilities or services not designated for passenger use – Dhs 100

Placing the feet on seats – Dhs 100

Parking of vehicles at the metro park and ride facilities for more than 24 hours – Dhs 100